Pet Boutique: Designer Dog Clothes and Accesories

Many pet owners think that buying an outer garment for your pet is mostly a matter of aesthetics rather than for protection against the elements. They think that just because dogs are animals, they do not need clothing, but that’s simply not true. The dogs breeds of  our times have been domesticated over thousands of generations, so much so that certain dogs could not adapt to a life in the wild.

In fact, pet fashion is a popular trend, and not only amongst your average pet owner, but even amongst fashion designers such as Roberto Cavalli, who launched the first haute-couture canine collection. Known for his flamboyant use of color and false animal skins, Cavalli has decided that fancy dog clothing has a place in the fashion hall of fame. The idea came from his wife, Eva Cavalli, who once said “Roberto and I have always loved animals. We always have a full house around us. So it was natural to bring a little bit of our sense of style into the canine universe.” Dressing your dog is a rapidly growing trend embraced even by celebrities.  The flagship example of this trend is embodied by Paris Hilton with her little Chihuahua buddies that she showcases in her appearances.

It is no longer only the collar or the bag that you carry your dog in that define puppy trendyness, but also articles of dog clothing such as hats, t-shirts, dresses, and dog coats.  You can find a diversity of designer dog clothes and accessories in our pet boutique. If you own a puppy or a small dog such as a Poodle, Chihuahua, or Yorkshire which are more susceptible to cold weather, doggie clothing is a must during the colder winter months.

Cold Weather Clothing for Your Dog

Oftentimes, dogs that are bred in temperate regions are displaced to places where the temperatures are too low for them. Regardless of your dog’s size, his fur thickness, or resistance to the cold, the walks in town should always be done with dog booties on. The salt that’s sprinkled on the sidewalks in wintertime can oftentimes irritate or even burn the paw tissue. As a protective measure, the application of a protective balm and doggie boots are recommended.

Puppies and dogs that are older or sick are more sensitive to the cold than the average canine. A weakened dog is poorly equipped to deal with low temperatures which can be harmful. In effect, it will be difficult to withstand hypothermia without a dog coat. The heat provided by dog clothing helps regulate the body’s temperature and helps with osteoarthritis problems of older dogs.

Measuring your dog:

When choosing a coat for your dog, ask yourself: Does it really protect from the cold or is it a simple fashion accessory? If you have a larger dog there are less models available, but it’s still a big enough marketplace that you should find something adequate. Whatever the size and breed of your dog, you should be able to always find designer dog clothing adapted to their size. Dog clothing should fit your companion comfortably, otherwise it can hamper its movements and might even cause irritation.

Dog Accessories

Cool Dog Collars

When you adopt a puppy, the most important accessory to consider is the collar. They allow you to safeguard your dog by attaching to a leash, as well as training your dog how to walk or simply a decorative accessory for your dog. Some popular styles include martingale collars, spiked and custom leather dog collars. There are also special dog training collars and electronic collars such as shock collars. All collars are not created equal and are differentiated by the specificity but also their matter. What type of dog collar should you choose? What is the one that best suits your needs? .

Dog Leashes

Leashes are made of diverse materials including nylon, metal and leather. Nylon and leather are very resistant, however for a dog who has a bad habit of chewing through its leash, choose a metal leash instead, since it is pretty much indestructible. Make sure that the leash is comfortable in your hand. Continue reading our next article on how to purchase clothing accessories such as a collar and leash.

Dog Hoodies & Sweaters

Although some dog breeds are naturally protected from the cold, their provenance is from the colder regions such as the Husky, or Saint Bernard. However, the majority of dogs do not have a thicker fur as these dogs do, and can suffer from frostbite much as humans do if exposed to freezing temperatures. That is why a sweater or dog hoodie is essential for most dogs in order to protect them from the cold in the winter months.

Dog Beds

Any well pampered pooch will tell you, a respectable dogs must have a bed they can call their own, a refuge, a place where they can relax in the comfort of their own stinkyness. How to choose a good dog bed depends on many factors including size, age, sleep patterns and more – so here’s the breakdown on the way to ensure that the dog bed you end up buying is the perfect bed for your dog.